Payment to Antiguan account

Hi, I need to make a payment into an Antiguan XCD account. I’ve been invoiced in USD, and I believe Revolut won’t allow a transfer in XCD either, so it’s a USD payment.

The payment apparently needs to go via an intermediary US Bank (Bank of America) to the Antiguan bank (ECAB). I have account details for 1) ECAB’s account with BoA and 2) the recipient’s account with ECAB.

The app only asks for one set of account details. So I put in the recipient’s name, and the BoA account details, as that is the account the payment needs to be routed through. It then asks for the recipient’s address, but not his account number with ECAB. So how can I be sure that this will be routed to the correct end account from the intermediary account? Shouldn’t the app request details for the whole trail?