Payment to Amazon declined


A small payment of £14.33 to was declined after several attemptsto pay this morning. There are more than sufficient funds in my account - almost £200. I attempted to contact support but was advised that a ‘live’ agent would not be available for four hours. Does this mean that I have to stay online for four hours or will I receive a message indicating that the agent is now available?


let the app running in the background in order to get the notification.Be sharp because live agent is hard to find.Also I strongly recommend to you Facebook messenger in order to get immediate response.


Hey there! Did you receive a specific error message when the payment failed? Are the failed transactions listed in your account?


No. There was no error message. The last transaction listed is an ATM withdrawal on 9 July. I have previously made payments to Amazon without problems. The Amazon error message states that repeated attempts at putting through the payment failed.