Payment taken from card with no cleared funds???

Hi there,

I would like a response from someone at Revolut as soon as possible please. It is very frustrating that you cannot speak to a human being when there is a problem with your account.

On 17th November 2016, £215.90 was debited from my account as a payment to United Airlines. Two problems I have with this:
1 - my account balance was 0.00 so why did you release any money to them?
2. - I have not made any recent purchases with United so they should not have been making any requests for payment. The last purchase I made with them was in 23rd June 2016 and this trip was booked, confirmed and completed in August 2016.

I have logged a complaint with United for them to investigate this.

You are now threatening me with debt collectors unless I make a payment into my account to cover the payment that you should never have made in the first place? If there was no funds available, then surely the request should have been declined? There is no over draft facility on this card.

As a customer, I have not created this problem. United should not have requested funds as I did not make any purchases, and you as a company should not have authorised the payment because there was no money in the account.

So you will have to wait for United Airlines to look into this and for them to refund the money to you themselves. Why should I be out of pocket for your and their mistakes?


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Did you talk to someone from customer support via in-app chat?

yes and not much has been resolved. they said it was an ‘offline transaction’ which still doesn’t explain how they can allow money to be taken from a card with zero balance…

@Browns My sincere apologies for any inconvenience you’ve experienced with this! Let me try to explain offline transactions a little bit better. So generally when you make a transaction the terminal is online, it will appear on the account right away in your transaction history. In an offline transaction, this is not the case. The terminal was in an offline state, which means that the payment can be processed until much further down the line, sometimes even months after the fact. It sounds like this merchant is just claiming the funds from a transaction made previously that was authorised, but the funds were not collected until just now. If you think that this was an incorrect charge or wasn’t completed by you, please get in touch with our in-app support as well. Thank you for speaking with United! They should also be able to provide you with some answers.