Payment processor



I think that Revolut should seriously consider changing their payment processor. Revolut seems to have downtime because of their payment processor once in a few weeks. As an average user starting a few months ago I already encoutered 3 times where the Revolut card is getting denied because their payment processor is having some problems.

Revolut: Card denied every few weeks.
My regular bank: Card never denied for the last 8 years

I use the card issued by my regular bank atleast thrice as much as the revolut card.
And this maintenance planned by Revolut’s payment processor on 14th of January that causes the revolut card unusable for a few hours is the perfect example why Revolut should switch payment processor.


Hey @Wingchun1274 :slight_smile:

Revolut is currently working on migrating the cards to their own in-house payment processor :wink: