Payment overcharged due to unecessary conversion rate


I can’t seem to reach technical support anymore but here’s the issue.

I bought Item on ebay and I had to pay ~750 dollars, but on my revolut account it said ~780. My account only had dollars in it. When consulting with revolut support they told me my currency was converted to CHF and it’s likely because ebay somehow asked money in CHF, not USD.

So after couple of hours waiting on line I was able to get an answer from ebay, that they definitely charged me dollars and this conversion doesn’t come from them.

Did anyone else encountered this issue?



No, thats new to me. Do you have a receipt from eBay showing the correct amount in USD? Maybe support could investigate further if you provide this. Did you pay via PayPal and the conversion happened there?


Hi, Frank. Thanks, for reply. I do have receipt and it definitely shows USD. I’m waiting for support to become available, so I could show it to them. I payed by entering card details. Unfortunately paypal didn’t approved my revolut card yet.

Overcharge from Revolut on PayPal Transaction

So I was once again told to contact merchant who sold it, because it’s possibly his fault. Meanwhile I tried buying another item from ebay and once again I was charged in CHF. This never happened with other bank cards I have.


Something strange is going on. I would ask Revolut for some sort of receipt or statement that states that the payments were presented to them as CHF payments. With that, I would ask the merchant to investigate (maybe involving their payment processor) why and where the conversion happened or ask in return for some sort of confirmation that the withdrawal was indeed made in USD.

With the benefit of the doubt, I would assume that a payment was presented to Revolt as CHF if it appears as CHF in your transaction history. It could of course also a technical issue on Revolut’s side, but since the transaction data Revolut receives is transmitted via MasterCard’s or Visa‘s network, it just seems more likely to me that the mistake happened on the side of the merchant or its payment processor.


The issue was on ebay side. If anyone encounters it, call paypal support and make sure they set your card to use USD as a primary currency.