Payment online; seems to be declined but money got deducted


Hi team,

I made an online payment last Tuesday morning; the amount was deducted from my account. Then a “declined” notification showed on my feed; and yet still the amount was not refunded to my account.
When I do the math of my top ups and expenses; my account is short from the amount of that purchase; plus on my statement (downloaded from the app), my balance is hired as it included the amount that was declined as if it were reimbursed.

Please could you assist as it is not a small amount and I feel outraged that 6 days later the amount is still not showing on my account whereas the statement shows otherwise. And it was misleading as I thought the purchase went through given that 6 days later you still haven’t reverted the transaction

Please assist as soon as possible.

Many thanks



there is in-app support for that…


There’s a chance the transaction is in a “Pending” state and not Completed. Therefore, if the funds are not taken within 10 days, the funds are finally released.

Check this: click the transaction to see if it’s Pending or Completed.

EDIT: there’s only the “Declined” transaction, not any other? :open_mouth: