Payment on

I’m french and i used my revolut card in € to pay on
The amount advertised was € 250.24 but i was charged on revolut about € 262.51. I wasn’t be warned at any time that i would pay in £. But when the payment reached revolut, it was asked about 230 £ which was converted to 262.51 €.
Where’s the problem? Are the conversion rate of lastminute false?

They probably charged you in pounds but displayed euro (happens more often than one would assume). Thats something that you will need to clarify with the merchant however.

More information about this and DCC here:

Probably, they automatically detect the country in which the card was issued (GB) and charge you in GBP.

Same thing applies in ebay when you pay by ebay checkout (without loging into paypal)
For example:
My card was issued in Poland
My invoice is in USD
When i log in into my paypal account i can choose between charge in USD and PLN (USD>PLN paypal rate)
But when i enter card detail directly on ebay checkout page (ebay express checkout - i.e i dont have paypal account) invoice remains in USD but ebay detects that my card is from PL and charges my card in PLN with USD>PLN poor paypal exchange rate.

I would claim chargeback.
DCC is the cancer of whole banking/card system/pos terminals.