Payment on hold for a week, app support not responding

The in-app support has not responded for nearly 24 hours after confirming they’ve been holding a £5,500 payment made to me a week ago with no further explanation.

I need this money released immediately.

Hey Alex

It sounds like you have hit the yearly limit of your account. Have you been instructed on how to increase this and get the funds assigned your account?

Here is some information on the kinds of documents you need to provide Revolut:

same has happened to me, they located the transfer and they were about to assign that transfer to me, then… 24 hours of not replying, and there’s no other way to contact them other than the in-app chat.
Do you have a way to reach them out outside the in-app chat?

Why hadn’t this been communicated to me before?? And why has no one responded further in the app??

If I hadn’t contacted Revolut about my “missing” payment I’d never have known it was inexplicably on hold.

And in fact I’m only a bit over halfway to my limit according to the app, so that’s clearly not the issue either…

What is your limit?


Please properly research this issue specifically related to my account before responding again. This needs to be cleared up immediately. I’m not happy about this…

Hey @alexpoole :slight_smile:

Neither @henrikbjorn, @alessandro (nor me) work for :r:. Revolut employees have a small :r: next to their avatars :wink:

Therefore, please, be nice, they’re/we’re just customers trying to help.

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Please @AndreasK can you check why nobody is replying to the in-app chat since more than 24 hours?
I have my 8k EUR wire not assigned to me and I need those funds urgently!
Thanks a lot!!

Hey Alex

As mentioned by @Juliopp i do not work for Revolut. I just like their services.

Regarding the limit and lack of communication. The limit is mentioned i the terms of service section 8.1. By signing up to the services you agreed to have read and understand the terms.

How much you have used of your limit is displayed in the app under “More” “Profile” “Limit & Verification”.

Regarding the delay in support: Sadly it seems that support and the compliance team is overwhelmed. This means that when a Support agent transfer you to that team it can take some time for them to contact you. This should happen within 96hours. When you have been transferred you can upload the documents immediately. This will make the process smoother since the compliance team do not need to wait for your documents and can process it quicker.

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Ok thanks for your help. But this community portal is absolutely not helpful if Revolut employees are not addressing the issues raised.

This is very serious and Revolut needs to offer alternate support access since their app chat seems busted.

It works, their response times are just relatively :slight_smile: slow

Again though, whats your limit currently?

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Hi there. As I can see the transfer has been assigned in your account. Please let me know if you need any help.


Andreas K.

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Hey Adreas to whom are you referring to?
Not me I suppose since my transfer is still not assigned to me.
Can you advise?
Thanks a lot!

Hey! I was referring to @alexpoole. Let me investigate your case too.

Thanks a lot!
Much appreciated, FYI I’m a Premium user and so far the service was absolutely wonderful!

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An agent will be with you shortly :slight_smile:

Thank you Adreas, my issue has been resolved quickly.
Thank YOU!

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