Payment of international transfer to revolut IBAN lost

One week ago my employer sent a refund of 373£ through an international transfer to my revolut account. I used the iban and bic code in my profile as bank details (there are no fields to put the unique reference code). A week has passed and neither I have received funds nor reply from revolut support. I last received on Monday telling me to wait one more day to see if the funds will appear but since then no one replies other than rita with unrelated answers.

Hey @mikexart :slight_smile:

Try typing live agent so Rita will transfer you to a person :wink:

Hi, sorry to say that I am still trying to solve that specific issue. I had two agents appeared during that time and they forwarded me to the relevant department which has not come back so far.
Each time I have to repeat my issue that has been handled before, then supposedly transfered to the appropriate team which is mentioned by the agent that will contact me as soon as possible and that never comes.
One of my main issues now is to keep track of the payments that are not directly allocated in my account and try for days to unsuccessfully to find an agent.

Really sorry to hear that you’ve been going through that. But I’m happy to say the transfer is now in your account. If you need anything else please let me know.


I have a similar issue that i am trying to solve in vain in the app

From my bank account in Mexico I have performed 2 international transfers in USD to Revolut but the money has not yet arrived after 7 business days

Live agents have not managed to locate transfers and now they don’t reply anymore

Mexican bank confirmed money was sent and we checked transfer data MANY TIMES and everything is correct

How do we get support on this ?