Payment not showing

Hey anon33247966! I encountered the same issue, exchaged lei to euro and made a payment. Firstly it said that there is a problem with the euro bank account, than it said that I don’t have any funds and the payment is not showing anywhere in the app. Please help me.

Hi! I have the same problem. I sent money to a friend, money are gone, but my friend didn’t receive them and the transaction doesn’t appear in the app. How to solve this?

Hi, I had this issue several times now, it is a bug in the Revolut app. The transaction is recorded in the server but not in the DB contain within your mobile.
You need to log out from the app, then delete the cache and data from the app, and launch it again. It will pull through the information again from the server and you will be able to see all the missing transactions.

Hope this helps and hope they fix this… it is a bit frustrating having to do this around once a month now.


Thank you @jsastre, that did the trick for me! (Simply deleting cache and data, it logs you off automatically).

I hope it will not happen too much, I’ve only been using Revolut for 2 months and already issues like this…

Thanks. It solved my issue. A payment in “pounds account” was not showing up in “all accounts”

I also have this problem. I made a transfer in PLN from Polish bank account, the money left my account but it has been several weeks and the money is not on my Revolut account either. Can revolut fix this?

Maybe they can fix it if you contact them via in-app chat or social media (twitter/facebook). But do you really mean weeks or days/hours?