Payment not accepted while paying online but issued on acoount

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with paying online with my Revolut Visa card.

I wanted to purchase a bus ticket on a Canadian site (I live in France) - Limocar, but once I got at the payment page and filled card informations the card wasn’t accepted, according to the site, yet my Revolut account was issued but i didn’t get any tickets :confused:

And yeah sure, I tried a second time, so now I have paid for two tickets and I haven’t got nothing.

Can someone explain me this issue ? Will I get a refund or should I contact Limocar ?

Thanks everyone.

Look into Payment’s status. As long as it is “Pending” it can be reverted automatically (within 5 days in standard). If it is “Completed”- you can make a complaint.
One or another I would contact Limocar and ask about this particular payment in their systems.


Additionally to what redi already wrote I would also contact the company and enquire about the status of the order, respectively double order.


Right it still appears as pending…

Limocar said that the payments haven’t been taken into account, and will appear soon back in my account.