Payment - Near me -> Privacy bug


Was sitting at a table. An enthusiastic friend was just saying that he can find people on Revolut and then send them money requests. Even tho, I did not “Enable Near Me” he managed to find me and request an amount of money from me. I think it sucks pretty bad if someone in your vecinity can find out your name and that you are using Revolut. In this case the person had my phone number but I did never give access to Revolut to my contacts etc. He found me and I think other people can also find me while using “Near Me” function even if I do not have it enabled (both “Share with contacts” and “Share with other people” privacy options from “Near Me” are turned off and he still found me)

Can someone enlighten me? It’s either bugged or I did something wrong which should be fixed…


apparently this stuff is allowed by the T&C and you are free to opt-out by deleting your account.

update: yes, sarcasm intended. it pisses me off, a lot.


If he had your phone number it’s nothing related to the ‘near me’ function.
Since your number is linked to the account you don’t have to explicitly share that information.


having your phone number doesn’t imply you want that person to know your full name or that your are near.


I do agree that there are multiple issues with sending money between :r: users.

looking at the blog post the ‘near me’ function is even worse than sending/requesting from contacts as it shows the full name without having interacted

@Dean111 did you check the permissions given to the app? ‘near me’ uses the location data


Yeah… I think you could actually start begging on Revolut in a crowded place hahaha


Thanks for the answer. Been giving permision to location in order to have access to the security feature of the card based on the location but I’ll probably turn those off it they don’t do something… Thanks again!


Would be interesting to know if that fixed your visibilty for others and what happens to the last location recorded by Revolut.

Yes, it is an awful side effect of using the security option :expressionless:


Is there any solution for this @AndreasK / @JessicaZ ? Thanks


Hi there. I’m trying to understand what’s the exact bug here. It doesn’t sound like a bug. Near Me needs to be enabled by the user and the user has control over their privacy settings. This feature, only works if both parties open near me at the same time, and it doesn’t share phone numbers. It comes up only with names.


I did not have the Near Me function enabled. I have never used it and did not know about it till that moment when my friend, a recent user of Revolut presented it to me. My phone was in the pocket and I received a request for an amount of money. It’s surely a bug which let the function work even if only one party has "near me " turned on.


Sure - can you please reply to my DM so we can take a closer look into your account and find out what’s happened?


I have sent it right now.