Payment links not working


I have a customer who doesnt have a Revolut account owning me 550GBP, so I have decided to create a payment link for him where he could pay the money simply by his debit card. First I have realized that the payment link only can be for about 250GBP otherwise instead of having the “pay now” option and paying with the card he only sees “Join Revolut” which obviously wont happen.

So I decided to break up his debt to smaller chuncks of 200+200+150GBP. He was able to pay the first 200 then he started to see the “Join Revolut” instead of “Pay now”.

I have contacted the support, they told me there a 24h limit for payment links. I said alright who cares, I will get my money anyways.

But the thing is already 48h passed and my payment links still cant be payed by a card. Support seems to be unable to tell me why, and when my links will work again. The block is on my end, not on my customer’s side of course as if I open my payment link I see that I should join revolut.

I think the terms for the payment links should be clarified and at the same time I’m wondering if any of you have experienced the same and if so if it ever got resolved.


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Maybe your customer could just use the IBAN or the Sort Code as a work around?

Or maybe he could just hand me over the money in cash, right? I’m not interested in workarounds as I know how could solve the issue in another way. I’m interested solving the original problem.

You can’t solve it. Support can’t solve it. We can’t solve it. Guess you’re stuck. :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s a weekly limit?

And I guess this is why asking a question with the “bug” category makes sense. And stop putting a smiley after your comments trolling away meaningful questions.

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Man that’s cold. :upside_down_face:

We try to be polite and friendly here :slight_smile:

FWIW payment links weren’t designed for transferring that kind of cash - that’s literally what bank transfers are for. The cost of payment links are also quite high so they might be reluctant to even keep the feature around should everyone go around trying to use it like you are.

Unfortunately (or maybe not) never been in the same situation as in the UK it’s a lot easier for most people to bank transfer rather than pay by card, to be honest (6 digits sort code and 8 digit account number vs 16 digit card number, 4 digit expiry and 3 digit CVV)

Hopefully someone else can help you along though, good luck :slight_smile:

Not helping OP in any way, but you don’t have to log into your banking portal in the UK to transfer money?

Regarding costs: I think it’s still a rather cheap way to promote Revolut compared to € 20-30 referral promotion costs per new customer (of course depends on the rate of people actually signing up when receiving a link). For the occasional money request I expect them to keep it. But I don’t think they’ll go out of their way to solve OP’s issues as that’s definitely not what is intended. There is a reason for it being limited to 250.

Most probably AML. Card payments are anonymous payments where they are not able to verify the source of the money.

Revolut offers a service, but does not communicate its limitations. Limitations can be anything, I’d just like to understand them. Thats it.

I will get back to the support to see if they have figured it out by now.

Yes but it’s saved after that - the next time I need to send you money I don’t have to type my card in again

You can also set it up from mobile app 99% of the time and most young people are using mobile banking at the very least

Card issuers will take 0.2-0.3% depending on the type (debit is 0.2% and credit 0.3%) in the case of an EU issued card; so it’s going to cost roughly £1.10 (presuming debit card) for this top-up to be made in total

But if I were Revolut I wouldn’t want to pay £1.10 5-10 times because people are using card and have no reason to swap to my product, I would want the guy to mention how Revolut to Revolut transfers are instant and that you should be paying your salary in to make life easier for all of us :slight_smile:

Promotion is all good but it means nothing unless it translates to users after all - like in my case I had all my friends switch to Revolut for the instant transfers when we move money about to pay for lunch

I’ve also never seen Revolut paying 20-30€. In the UK I think I’ve seen a free card and like, £5-10 tops

Not sure if any other territory had a significantly higher amount - but tbh they should just kill small payments like this off, UK banks will pay me £100+ to use them

We here in Switzerland just had a promo where both parties of a successful referral got CHF 16 which in total of CHF 32 is in the region of €30. Free card included, of course.

The same 30 € promotion was in Germany too. Was pretty nice.

That makes sense. My guess is that there is a monthly reset limit. Would be nice if there would be more details, though.

Plus a second factor I suppose. Anyway, the same is true for credit cards. So I’d say it doesn’t really matter.