Payment link issue.

Hi there, I have been having problems creating the link to request a payment… has anyone ever had this problem? If yes, how do I solve it?

I have the same problem ! If somebody can help me pls ?

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Me too!!
It seems been pretty long time…

I have the same also

I’ve sent 6200CHF from my swiss bank, but only 6000CHF arrived to Revolut and were converted in EUR! Where does the problem come from? It should’nt be the 6000EUR monthly limit, for according to the rate, it’s then less than 6000 EUR

@Mattia95 @Mithu @SAN123 @ahmedshalaby are you still having issues?

@irudan I suggest you speak to chat to understand why there was an issue with your transfer thanks.

Hi @pearcerevolut, yes, don’t work link for payment!

Hi, I have the same problem and can’t talk through Chat that write « You are offline ». Please how to be online in the chat ?

I have the same issue.

Hello i have the same issue… !

Hello I have the same

Someone resolve it ?