Payment limits while my Revolut app is offline?


Few days back I ordered some item from (not first time payment to them with Revolut) for about 250GBP. Amazon didn’t charge me immediately , they just checked my card with 1GBP reverted transaction. Then I was offline for few days as I was traveling. Apparently in the meantime my order was ready to dispatch and Amazon tried to charge my card. When I got back online I received notification from Revolute that my card was frozen due to security reasons and I could see 3 failed transactions to Amazon for the same amount and around 7hrs apart (probably Amazon tried few times after the first transaction failed).

I wanted to know if there are any limits for payments while I’m offline cause I travel quite often and not every time have internet access. And let’s say if I pre-order something should I be expecting the same result.
Thank you.


It doesn’t matter if you are “online” or not; this is just a regular security measure for some reason that would have happend the same way if you’d be “online” regardless - so just ask the support about it.


You should have details regarding why the transactions were rejected by :r:


Amazon frequently charges as card not present which revolut might not support.
They do this to verify the stock and if it’s able to deliver.


I used Revolut on several occasions for card not present transactions without problems.