Payment issues at weekends?


I attempted a US transfer today, from my USD balance to an account I have successfully used previously via the Revolut (Premium) app. It failed - twice.

I was told by the support rep (quote):

Please note there can be some issues on our payment processor’s side due to the weekends

This was sent on a Monday. Granted, it’s Christmas Day, and the payment processor may be closed. But I’m curious why this should have any affect on a digital payment. Isn’t this a 24/7 system? Should weekends/holidays factor?

Would appreciate getting some insight from a direct team member as to why this is happening.


The TARGET2 system for example does not work in holidays or weekends, this is the same for the US fedwire, and ACH.


Good info @windozer.

I appreciate many banking facilities will be down over the holidays/weekends. The surprise is that this filters through to the end-user of Revolut.

I think the broader expectation is that a payment would simply be batched, and made the next day. A hard ‘failure’ message is odd to see!


Ah! This explains why it won’t allow me to send a payment to Coinbase today I hope? It’s my first time to attempt to send money and had me quite concerned. I will try again tomorrow.