Payment has not been recieved

Hi, I have not received some money that was sent by SWIFT payment on the 11th April. It was a payment from a bank called BGZ PARIBAS. I have a proof of payment from them for the date of the 11th April so wondering what has happened to the money?? Can anybody advise/help me please!

Which currency and to which Revolut account, local or SWIFT?

The currency was in GBP and sent by SWIFT to my euro account

To your SWIFT account I presume, not the local one, right? Did you indicate the right reference number?

May I just ask why you didnt send it to the GBP account?

I’d contact support, they probably need to assign it manually.

Hm, make sure to send always to the correct account details! EUR to EUR, GBP to GBP. Conversion happens afterwords from within the app!

What’s happening now is that your money will be converted by Revolut’s traditional banking partner once it hits the EUR account in case you’ve used the EUR SWIIFT details.

If you’ve used the EUR SEPA details, the money will most likely bounce back, the SEPA account only accepts EUR SEPA payments, they state in the app.

Whatever is going on, it is going to take longer than usual. You might want to send a payment receipt with all details like outgoing account no. / name via in app chat to help Revolut allocate your money more quickly.

Yes the swift account and all the references given were correct. I am waiting for support to get back to me now, thanks

Hmm, in that case I’d expect it to show up.

But yes, support should be able to figure out what happened.