Payment declined twice but showing pending twice and funds taken.


Help! I’ve just tried to use my card and it was declined twice but my balance has gone down and I have 2 pending withdrawals for the same amount so have lost £16.70 off my balance. I had to use another card to pay. I have 2 declined bank slips from the machine.


Same thing happened to me the toll recipt said declined and the app kept crashing. Tried twice and both failed paid with bother card and then the app started working again and they both went through! Sent a pic of the 3 recipts to ‘rita’ so I expect this to be resolved ASAP.


Thank you. Did you e-mail them or did it get sorted from here?


Hello, one of my payments has been declined as well. I have sent a message to the support two hours ago without any answer so far. Any news on your side?


Mine cleared off within a few hours! Total shambles today.


Both mine have been cleared off and money back in. :slight_smile: