Payment declined. Please contact support for more information

  1. Plenty of money in account
  2. Card not frozen, location-based security off, swipe/contactless/atm/online enabled
  3. Failed transactions (one online, one at POS) show in Revolut about 20 minutes later as declined with “Payment declined. Please contact support for more information”

Stupid app shows no further signs. Rita support is a helpful as a chocolate teapot.

Where in the app can I find the reason? There is a serious oversight if you expect us to fallback to bot support. Live agent now 12hr queue.

Can’t really stand behind Revolut if I cant answers for 12hours, ridiculous,

Have a button that says ‘All is okay, don’t block my transactions for fraud reasons’ ffs

Phew, managed to move my funds out and landed back in my bank account

So I’m guessing this is some type of new ‘fraud / transaction screening’ block, but here’s the problem, this has been implemented with no consideration for the end user or updating the app inline with this new blackbox practice.

  • No pre-alert, no pre-notification, no in-app warning that card is no longer usable
  • All security toggles are set for maximum flexibility and card is unfrozen
  • After failed transactions no further in app help other than a generic message that shows about 15 minutes after failed transactions
  • No immediate jump to live chat so waste more time with bot
  • No fast path to unblock (presuming this is since your app is vague)

I understand blocks can sometimes be necessary, but either you have communicate them or at least show some indicator within the app if you take an app-only approach.

I’m keeping my money out until I see this isn’t on deaf ears… Transferwise borderless account, Monzo, so much choice I don’t need Rita.

Was it just a declined payment or was your account blocked?
perhaps it’s just another card processing issue like a couple of weeks ago or one of the usual declined payments that you get on occasion with :r:.

Powie, I have actually have no indication my account is blocked in any way (other than a guess), all in-app indicators are normal, looking at transaction history all four transactions from last few days have been declined with ‘contact support’ when you dig into the transaction, luckily I’ve had other cards on those occasions to use except for the latest one where merchant doesn’t accept my UnionPay card. Not working on occasion I can get used to and hence why I didn’t think earlier in the week (again no notification/indicators of an account block). Also note was able to bank transfer all my money out of Revolut an hour ago and now landed back in my current account. I think this card is dead for me - too unreliable, bot support is not ready, app cant indicate locks/blocks, no web access, no email/ticket support, eek

It is not payment network issue given the different type of transactions, merchants and span of a few days. Whatever lock/block on my account it is unfortunately not communicated via the app and Rita (lol) doesnt know, ultimately this is #fail #facepalm but no doubt this won’t be communicated to product managers or devs.

Maybe it was linked to the recent outage of the MasterCard network.

If so, it wasn’t Revolut’s fault. On this occasion.

Nope, not linked to the recent outage of Mastercard.

Seems Revolut will internally lock the card, without notification and unrelated to the Frozen or any other in-app security toggle, i.e. all indicators show go to good, but this is a separate internal lock applied if wrong CVS code or PIN too many times. This might of happened during the World cup beer, possibly. But app shows no indicator or anything, customer is left playing with settings, wrongly associating with Mastercard outage, or suspecting Revolut doesnt work with that particular merchant. A major app oversight if you ask me.

Asked Drew to raise with a Product Manager, we shall see…

**ffs: show me in-app when my card is blocked! and update your documentation/FAQ/Rita **

My bank blocked a payment to my Revolut account and fraud called me to make sure it was me making the transfer. After it was all sorted out it has been impossible for me to transfer money. My bank say it is not them blocking the transfers. Now when I try to transfer cash I get my banks identifier page then a refusal for the transfer. I get an on screen message from Revolut saying the transfer has failed and I should try again or contact support Where can I find support ? Can I speak to them?