Payment declined on Square Cash


Hey Revolut,

I’ve tried to search the forum but got no results related to this transaction.
I was trying to send some money via Square Cash through a link, for example$peter (NOTE: I don’t have any relationship with this Square Cash account, this is only for illustrative purposes).

After filling all the details in the box including PAN, expiry, CVC2 I get a transaction failure.
My balance is higher than the amount I’m trying to send and I receive a $1 pre-auth on my account which is removed shortly.

Do you know what can be the reason why the transaction is being declined?



Hey @Samu :slight_smile:

For Square Cash, prepaid cards are not accepted :frowning:

EDIT: also, non-US-emitted cards are also refused


Hey @Juliopp,

Thanks for your message. Indeed it seems the problem is Square Cash does not accept non-US issued cards. I tried with all my UE-issued cards including Mastercard and Visa debit and even credit and transaction was rejected 100% of the times so I ended up sending the money via Paypal and notifying my friend of Revolut so that we will use it in the future.

Regarding the prepaid cards, I know Revolut is a prepaid card but I still find it funny to see the word debit in the hologram at the back :stuck_out_tongue:


There are 3 types: Debit cards, pre-paid debit cards and credit cards.

You can see the words ‘debit’ on the hologram, but you can also see ‘prepaid’ right under the magstripe.


Thanks for the hint, @capital very useful to understand the different card products!