Payment declined negative balance?


A payment I made yesterday was declined. Insufficient funds. Ok fair enough, there is currently 0 balance on my revolut as I only top it up when I’m travelling.

The payment was for a hotel stay and wasn’t due to be paid until arrival, hence why I chose to enter the revolut card details as when paying at the hotel I would have chosen to pay with revolut.

They actually decided to take payment immeadiatly and ofcourse the payment was declined.

My question is, is it actually declined or will I go into a negative balance? I received some correspondence from to change card details as the payment was declined.

How ever from previous experience when I purchased something on a recent flight, I thought I’d have a enough money to pay. They payment was accepted on the terminal but when landing revolut said declined due to insufficient funds. And later then went into a negative balance due to it.

I don’t want to end up paying for a service that I havnt received.

Some hotels do a deposit or charge a card for reservation. Without this, they won’t make a reservation for the room.

Declined payments are declined. And from the informations you got from, it does not sound like the merchant is trying to charge your card again.

Beware of this: sometimes hotels charge in two steps. 1st a deposit for the room. When they then settle the bill with potential additional charges (mini bar, spa, restaurant), they charge a 2nd time. So technically, they might not have charged you but wanted to claim a deposit.

Depending on how their system is set up, they might not claim the deposit but actually authorize an additional payment. The initial deposit will be refunded, but that can take a couple of days. So for a week or so, funds could be blocked on a card.

(This applies to all cards, not only Revolut cards.)

Hello there

I just paid for parking charges. This costed 125 pounds (live in UK). I put 125 pounds to my bank account but the payment declined due to insufficient funds. But the money disappeared. Where are the 125£? And why this happening?

Thank you