Payment Declined in Cyprus

Used my card successfully in a Supermarket in Cyprus but when I later checked my account it said ‘Your payment was declined’ and to contact support. Tried support but they are busy.

Hey @AlanGW :slight_smile:

How long is the wait time for support?
I’m afraid it’s unlikely you’re gonna get any faster help here in the community, as we don’t know the specific reason for the refusal and only the moderators do know :frowning:

I guess I’ll have to wait for an answer from support, but I do feel guilty that having paid for my goods with the card, the transaction was later declined by Revolut. I’ll see what the Supermarket has to say and perhaps pay with another card.:frowning_face:

CC : @JessicaZ @AndreasK

Received a reply from Revolut support - Panic over