Payment declined in app but approved in shop

Today I ordered stuff in McDonald’s and paid with card. Everything was approved, I even have the receipt. I took my order, came home and now in app I see the payment as “declined”. I have paid with this card many times (today as well) and never encountered this kind of problem, so all the general stuff like expiration date is not the problem here. The money seems to be still in my account but I don’t want any misunderstandings so I hope this can be somehow resolved. Thank you.

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It’s better than being the other way round (declined in shop but approved in app). My guess is that the transaction will come through and be approved a day or two later.


I am pretty sure that you will be charged ones again very soon.

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I had EXACTLY same situation few days ago (not in MCDonald and 99% not even in same country as you) - paid with revolut card via contactless, got my receipt and wares, but did not got any notification in app about payment (which was strange and not as usual and I think also transaction processing time was a bit longer than normal). Then about 10-20 minutes later I saw in app that payment was declined. I contacted in-app support, they told me that “transaction was declined due to unknown response code. If you received the goods, dont worry, merchant will be able to collect the payment later via offline transaction (delayed charge)”.

And that indeed happened few days later, I got notification in revolut app that I paid X.XX amount on Y day, where X.XX was amount I paid when payment was declined and Y = day purchase originally took place.

So basically - do nothing. Ensure you have enough balance in your revolut account. Merchant will most likely collect payment few days later.


Thanks for reply :slight_smile: I hope this will resolve the same way for me too.

Hi, I know it is nearly a year later, but what was the outcome if you still remember, as I have just experienced the same today. Paid for product and cashier provided a receipt. Later the app said my payment was declined.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Heyy, it was actually no big deal, just make sure you have enough money in your account and it will be approved in about a week :slight_smile: I had this kind of situation a few more times after that, and it always solved itself :smiley:

Actually sorry, it is nearly 2 years later! :slight_smile:
Thank you for replying. I think they got the money today, so all is now good! Thanks again and take care :slight_smile: