Payment cant be authorised

The app was working flawlessly. I deposited funds, sent them to coinbase, sent some back from revolut to my bank all OK.
Now i have tried to make another top up from the same card and i get an error that the payment cant be authorised?

I have re-installed the app - didn’t work.
I deleted the payment card - i get the same error when i try to add it back on.

I have sent a bank transfer to revolut but i am yet to see it arrive.

Whats going on?

Hi there. Could you please try again?

when I try to order a revolut card and send an initial top up - the app sends a message to say that there is a technical error and cannot process this payment from my debit card

Hey! Have you tried to get in touch with our in-app support team?

Yeah. I could not get my card to authorise a top up so that I could order a card?? I think there must be a problem with your software


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I would like to order a card


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