Payment canceled, refund issues, support not answering

Hello. I was trying to make an order just this morning 10/05 from a british online store which supporting checkout via sagepay. Card’s data was filled and when i finished with transaction my money was immediately removed by revolut but a message popped out in the website saying that my card is not authorized and payment cannot be continued. In addition when i checked transaction’s status it was saying “sage pay payment pending” and after ten minutes it was saying “sagepay payment cancelled”. Obviously my order was not made but money was removed by revolut acc and transaction’s status is still pending in revolut app. I get in contact with sage pay who assured me that they have no author neither in transaction nor in removing fund from me . So why did you remove funds since payment was declined? On top of that i cannot communicate with you all day… Finally Why revolut’s card was declined by sagepay and when will i get my refund?

Hi! I’ve had some failed payments as well, you just have to be a little patient as it can take up to 10 days for the money to return into your account! :slight_smile: If 10 days pass and you still don’t get the money, contact support

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Thank you much for your help c0stin.Thus I" ll wait but I have some questions about this situation and thats why i want to get in contact with support center. What exactly is sage pay and why did they cancel and didnt authorize my card which i Have used many times before. When i will be refunded and i will want to process with transaction from specific store once again, will my payment still be cancelled and i will have to wait for a new refund?
And 3rd why did money removed from revolut since transaction was never about to happen.
I hope i didnt bother you but i am dissapointed because i lost a discount code that was valid till today and i will have to wait another 10 days about something i wasnt informed that "ll happen…
Kind regards.

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Maybe Sagepay doesn’t support prepaid cards and that’s why the payment failed. And even if they do, some merchants and ATMs simply don’t work with the Revolut card :frowning:
This is what the FAQ says about a pending transaction:

A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still awaiting the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The amount won’t be available on your balance until the merchant either cancels the payment or 10 working days have passed and the money hasn’t been claimed. After this time, your balance should be adjusted automatically.

You can also reach out to the support team if you have any more questions on Twitter (@RevolutApp), Facebook: or in-app :slight_smile:

Sagepay says that accept debits mastercards but i assume from a similar status that i read in twitter that they probably have an issue with revolut’s cards. I will wait for a response tomorrow to clarify what’s going on and to sort things out as topics here in revolut’s community shown that a lot of people have time issues with their refund.(1month+).
Thank you again c0stin.

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I had (still have!) the exact same problem!!! There have been over 20 days since the declined transaction, but no refund has reached my account yet!!

Thanks for sharing! I recently made a payment to an airline who mistakenly overcharged me. They apparently cancelled the transaction but so far not seen the money come back to my Revolut. It’s only been two days though so it’s good to know it’ll take a bit longer :slight_smile:

Can someone confirm for me if sagepay is supporting revolut in 2020?

Hello. I faced a similar issue. Sending some money to a greek bank but the beneficiary name i chose was a random name. Thus their system had an issue, finding it suspicious even though the IBAN has a specific name. They suggested to cancel the transaction so as no penalty charged on me. We ve canceled and I saw a penalty of 30 euros. Either Revolut nor the greeek bank charged, they say it was the intermediary bank, which we dont even know. Any suggestions?