payment by revolut card refused on tfl website

hello bonjour
i tried to top up oystercard ont tfl website with my revolut card and i have this message " your order is declined"
please can help me thank you in advance

Hey @sou :slight_smile:

I get the feeling that you need a 3DSecure enabled card to be able to make purchases on the TFL website, and the :r: card does not support this feature just yet :frowning:

hi thank you for your answer i don t know what is 3dscure but i already payed on giff-gaff webside with this card and i payed also in supermarche
i tried phoning to customer service but my english is not enough to explain the problem or to understand what agent say
i would like to send e mail to revolut customer service but i don t find there address mail it s easier for me to write be cause google translate can help writing on phone is not possible thank you again merci beaucou

i forget to say that i am in france and oyster card that i wanted to pay is my daughter card she is in london for some months for internalship in oyster website the card is with the name of my daughter with an adress in london and the revolut card that i want to use for paying is mine with my name and my adress in france when i to on oyster website they have only my daughter address in london in may revolut card i put enough money for transport payment in euros and in pounds thank you

Bonjour @sou :slight_smile:

You can talk with Revolut’s customer support team through the app. Go to the More tab, click Support, then Chat with us and then type live agent :wink:

hello i do that but i don t have solution
they say the billing address must be the same that address accout without precision i i don t know if billing adress must be my adress or my bank addess or the address of my daughter who is oyster account owner thank you