Payment API service


I think that create an online payment service through Revolut help many businesses around the world to accept payments online without hassle with banks


Yes, ability to top up your card and the cards of other members with an API. Do it from a central Omnibus account for business users


Would love that ! It become totaly in line with Rovolut Business.

I see something like:

  • At the generation of an invoice, use the API service to generate a paiement link
  • Then we can send the invoice with the paiement link included, client just have to enter card information to pay
  • The paiement is linked to the invoice, and we can validate the paiement of the invoice directly with the API !


As a business it would be good when we could access the app functionality through an API. Required operations:

  • Send a request to another user to request a money transfer from the user to our account.
  • Query what payments have been made to the account to check whether the money has been transferred.

With those operations a integration into an online store could be build.