Paylib pay support

Hi ! I’m french and starting to love the Revolut(ion) :wink:
In France, we have this new startup company working with several banks to deliver similar services to Android pay, except available right now : Paylib.
I know they are open for business and Revolut could start delivering contactless phone payments from the app, in a secure and easy way !!!
Please investigate, or comment if you’d like pure contactless transactions from you phone available fast !!! No more need to have the card around to pay in the physical stores which do not support Revolut transactions (yet :wink:), just the app, always the app !!

Hi @Zyfihx,

This is something we’re looking into it. We’re working on Apple/Android Pay :slight_smile:


Je pense que cela sera bientôt possible. Si vous regardez les paramètres NFC de votre téléphone Android vous verrez que l’application Android Pay est disponible dans les applications de paiement. Il suffira de cocher l’option quand elle sera opérationnelle.
A bientôt

Oui, enfin, seulement lorsque Android pay arrivera en France :grimacing: