Paying with crypto balance

Oops :grimacing:
Seems like paying with crypto balance is not working… quite sad.

I might ask a question: what’s good crypto for in :r: if:

We can’t use the card and pay with crypto balance
We can’t pay with crypto directly to any other crypto wallet
We can’t receive crypto, nor send from any other wallet
We’re not allowed to trade crypto according T&C

The amount was so small. Ended to top up 20 PLN (Tho my account is RON based and my bank card in RON, PLN and RON are quite same but I can top up min 20 PLN while for RON is minimum 50 :joy:).

So. Can this be fixed? Otherwise there’s no point of cryptocurrency in Revolut…

Cheers :beers:

(Ps. Please post my card today, it’s 3:43 pm GMT. Tschuss :kissing_heart:)

Hi there.

As I can see your transaction was less than 10EUR (19.23 RON > 4.15EUR) :slight_smile: Please keep in mind there is a card spending limit with crypto from 10EUR to 100EUR.

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Thanks… didn’t know. Usually I’m a very cashless person :)) (that’s how I’ve run out of money in Asia once and the nearest working atm was 7h away driving…)

is this still valid? or limits were removed once XRP was introduced.
Ppl could really use a page clearly stating all limits in one place