Paying to Non-Revolut Counterparty

Hi there,

apologies if this question has been asked before - but could not find an answer so far.

So, say, we have a business account for a company based in the UK & company would like to make a payment to a person/company who does NOT have a revolut account.

API has a great endpoint “adding a non-revolut counterparty”

What are the costs involved in paying:

  • locally, i.e. to a counterparty in the UK
  • to a counterparty in the EU
  • to a counterparty outside UK and EU?

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

These are not bank transfers however, are they?

In that case it would either eventually make the recipient sign up with Revolut or turn the transaction into a regular bank transfer. Not too familiar with that bit to be honest.

I’d contact support to find out how the transfer would be eventually performed.

for you the payments are all free. it is possible a beneficiary from outside the EU is charged for receiving your SWIFT payment though by one of the intermediaries or their own bank.

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they are, actually.

excellent, thank you!