Paying online?

I have tried to pay for stuff online but payment won’t be taken. I have activated my pin at an atm but not withdraw yet. Do I need to do that before paying online?
Also, I see that you can only withdraw €200 per month from ATM without fees. Does this include paying with your card in shops etc?

No, it doesn’t count against the ATM limit.

Check the App what it tells you why the payment was refused.

If there is no entry for the declined payment, then it may not have reached Revolut at all, in that case you have to ask the online shop where you’d tried to pay at.

Does the shop require Mastercard 3D Secure / Verified by VISA? Then payments with Revolut cards are currently not possible for example since it’s not supported.

The €200 limit is ATM only. Your payments with the card in shops are all free.
You do not need to activate your physical card to pay online.

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Thanks for getting back to me.
The payment is not going through. The site accepts visa, I have withdrawn £10 out at an atm to make sure it’s activated and I have no message saying why it didn’t go through? I literally have no clue?!

There was a technical glitch with their payment processor which resulted in declined payments. You might have been affected by this.

What did the shop say?

Nothing, no messages just didn’t go through. I’ve been trying for 4 days…

Does the merchant support prepaid cards? Is the billing address identical to your Revolut profile?

I thought we could use anywhere with a visa symbol?

Merchants are free in their decision to not accept certain sub types of cards.

I thought we could use anywhere with a visa symbol, but that’s not the case?

This doesn’t sound like you already asked the shop’s support about that, didn’t you?
I’d suggest you ask the same questions you ask here, and probably keep us updated.

Noone can help you here if the transaction didn’t reach Revolut, everyone is playing the guessing game.

If the shop doesn’t accept Revolut cards, prepaid cards, cards without Verified by VISA or declined it for any other reasons itself, the shop’s support personal are the only people who can tell you the reason.

Hi @bambi671 Were you able to clarify with the merchant if they accept pre-paid cards or require 3D secure?

It was an issue their end. Thanks for your help, the card works like a dream.
One more question…we can hold different currencies so when we go abroad and use the card, will it automatically use the correct currency?

It will

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