Paying on Ryanair - currency changes when I type my revolut's card number


I live in Portugal and I’m trying to buy a one-way flight from UK to Portugal on Ryanair. I want to pay in GBP using my revolut card.
When I reserve the flight the price is in GBP, when I go to checkout it remains in GBP, but as soon as I enter the card number it changes to EUR using Ryanair’s not-so-favourable exchange rate.
If I select Paypal as payment method instead it remains in GBP.

Has anyone else experienced the same?
Why does it switches to EUR when I put in my revolut card number? How can I force it to charge me in GBP?


There’s a link on the checkout page about RyanAir’s exchange rate, bottom left underneath where you enter the card number. If you click this link, there is a checkbox that you can untick which reverts the currency back to the original one you were quoted in


I unchecked the box, but it didn’t revert to GBP and it still charged me in EUR at Ryanair’s rate…