paying in foreign currency


Hello, I’m contacting you because I have a problem when I pay abroad with my revolut card. I always ask the cashier to pay in local currency but most of the time (even if they agree) the amount is charged in pounds which results in extra costs (conversion fees); I know Revolut applies a current conversion rate but the price of the service charged in pounds is over the value of it in the currency at the time of payment. Could you add an option at the card so that the payment is ALWAYS done in local currency? I don’t want to pay in pounds in China or UAE… I just want local currencies so I don’t pay any extra, please…
Thanks for your help


Hi. What does your card receipt say? Does it show a final amount in the local currency or in GBP? Always check the display of the POS terminal before you enter the PIN. It should show you also the local currency. If you see GBP there, ask the merchant to cancel the payment. You might want to remind him that he is violating MasterCard’s guidelines if he refuses to charge you in the local currency.

If a payment hits your Revolut account in GBP, there is nothing Revolut can do about it. So the option you are asking for is not possible, the currency is always defined by the merchant/payment provider. If Revolut did the conversion for a payment, it shows the original amount and the applied rate in the transaction details. This is how you can see if a conversion happened.


Hello Frank,

The card receipt shoes both GBP and local currency; you have to thick the currency you want to use; I always ask for the local currency but after the transaction I see that sometimes the amount is still charged in GBP even if we choose the local currency. I complained once (where I had internet and could see the actual transaction in GBP on the app) and the merchant said that he couldn’t do anything about it… some do it right some don’t and we don’t know what to do… I try to use cash in places where I know there is this issue but as the amount of cash we can withdraw is limited every month (before being charged by revolut) it’s not a solution neither… What shall we do then? is there a way to avoid these extra fees? do we need to contact MasterCard? if they are violating MasterCard’s guidelines, obviously they don’t care.


If the receipt also shows GBP, I guess DCC was applied.

Yes, you could officially file a complaint. Are you talking about POS terminals with chip/PIN authorization or swipe/signature?

With chip/PIN, you should see the final amount and the currency on the display. If the shown currency is not the local currency, you could ask the merchant to cancel a payment and to try again.


Hi euskobelga, did you manage to sort this out or get a refund for the charges? I am experiencing the same in Poland with all transactions (except for ATM withdrawals, which work fine); being charged conversion rate to GBP when the POS specifically shows Zloty. Thanks!


Can you please give more information about where you pay in Poland in GBP? From about more than two months I am using revolut card as primary spending card and I was never charged in GBP. Sometimes in POS there is proposition to convert to GBP, same in ATMs like Euronet or PeKaO, but always I have possibility to choose between GBP and PLN.


Hello Chris ! No Unfortunatley, nobody cares about it, Revolut says it’s a mastercard problem, and mastercard says that it’s the merchant problem, so what I do is to withdraw up to the monthly free of charge limit and use cash… Not really a solution but if you allow every merchant to apply it’s own “conversion rate” you end up paying an average 2 to 5 percent extra on every transaction…


I did recommend this card on my travel blog after 3 months using it and I had to take it back. Regardless of always choosing to be charged in the local currency (I top up in Euro as I am from Portugal) I got charged in GBP once in a while (usually significant sums), though the terminal and the receipt stated local currency. Then came the day I chose to pay a car rental in Morocco in MAD and got charged in GBP anyway, which did cost me 10 euro more (and I even had converted my euro to MAD in order to avoid weekend fees). Once it got confirmed, the total amount increased 10 euro more. As usual they blamed it on the merchant (Europcar for god’s sake!) and I had to file a chargeback just to wait 45 days to be informed I wouldn’t get a penny back. I decided to quit making payments of significant sums with it and use it only for the 200€ “free” withdrawals. To my surprise, both couple withdrawals I did lately (one in December and another this month) in South Korea were charged in GBP as well even though I declined the dynamic conversion, costing me roughly 8 euro, each. In the end, they charged the same my bank would and whenever there is a issue, they take a long time to blame you or the merchant/bank. Not worth the hassle.