Paying in a different currency on a website (Ryanair, Amazon UK)

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I’m in Ireland and I want to buy a ticket from London to Dublin on Ryanair website. The website shows me the price in Sterlings but when I type in my Revolut card, the price changes in Euros, with the Ryanair conversion which is less convenient. I can opt out tho. If I do, will Ryanair charge my Revolut in pounds or euros. And if I want to purchase something on Amazon UK?
I think the general question would be: if I’m online, and I want to purchase something on a website that shows the price in a different currency, will I be able to save with my Revolut card by paying the foreigner currency? Or this works only when I am physically abroad?


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As for amazon, paypal and many other retailers/payment processors: Yes, you can instruct them to bill your card in GBP and save some fees. Just make sure you choose to be billed in GBP, as amazon & paypal in particular like to try and be “helpful” anddo the conversion for you, unless you opt out.

My experience with Ryanair is that they set the currency that they charge you with based on your outgoing flight’s origin airport, and you cannot change that. Here a few examples of what I have actually experienced:

  • Booking roundtrip UK > Germany > UK: Charged in GBP
  • Booking roundtrip Germany > UK > Germany: Charged in EUR
  • Booking single trip Germany > UK: Charged in EUR
  • Booking single trip UK > Germany > Charged in GBP

Admittedly it’s a few years since I last tried, but I could not find a way to get ryanair to charge me in a currency that I wanted. In particular it didn’t seem to matter whether I used or, whether I used a German or UK billing address, or whether I used a German (pre-Revolut times, I had an actual German credit card at that time) or UK card for payment.

I did at that time book two single tickets, as it ended up cheaper being billed at least one flight in EUR and I could not find any way in which I could convince Ryanair to bill my outgoing (UK > D) flight in EUR. Maybe (quite likely) others are cleverer than me (I would love to find out how for my next flight!), or maybe they changed their proccess since?

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Had same issue with Raynair. I booked flight - Germany-Greece-Germany and price was in EUR, but when I typed Revolut card number Raynair changed currency to GBP with very bad fx-rate. I had to use PayPal to pay for tickets.


I had a similar issue but worse. I was buying my flight in euros and Ryanair didn’t make any notification of the currency change. I even got the confirmation in euros. But when I go to my revolut account I see that I was charged in GBP. Because of the exchange rates I lost around 34 euros.

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