Paying Groups


Hello guys,

It´s my first post on the community, but I´m a really old Revolut user.

I´m Writing because as I work on the StartUp world, I´ve seen lots of apps similar to Revolut (Not that good of course), and I will like to share with you a feature it could be really nice to have: Paying Groups

For example,
It´s the birthday of John, and Sara, Mary, Sophie and I want to buy a gift to him. It could be nice to have an option to create a group named “John´s Birthday” were each of us could add the amount that have to pay each one. And then, the owner of the group could have the authority to use it to buy the gift.

What do you think about this idea?

Thanks for your time guys!

Ioritz Hidalgo (

Receiving Groups

hi @ioritzh,

I think that idea is really awesome.

Thanks for sharing that one. I hope the :r: team will pick that up and might implement that soon. It is similar to the slit amount feature just kinda reversed so I think it should be possible to manage it.



This would indeed be very useful. If it could also be linked to a specific card or if transactions could be simple marked as belonging to that group it would be awesome.

My use case would be, when being on a trip with friends, some of us could pay e.g. with a dedicated revolut card or by manually assigning the transaction to the group and everyone would see the spending history and how much he owed to group owner.