Paying for Revolut's mistake?

Hi all,
Would appreciate the communities feedback on this

My account was not activated due to pending documents that needed submitting as this was dragging on and the fact that I wanted to make instant top up and payments through my cards (just like the personal Service) I did not follow up on submission of the documents. Logging into my business account for the first time since January i see that my account has been charged and charged 5 times!!. So I ask the question why have i been charged as my last communication stated that Revolut needed more documents to activate? The answer I received amazed me.
The previous agent made a mistake. Your account was active.

Is this right?
Just to be clear I have not used the service or did I ever receive communication by email stating my account was active or even a notice that my balance was negative and i should pay the arrears.

Can someone from Revolut explain?

Hello @Lcc :wave:

We rectified this situation via business chat yesterday. We are currently waiting for your reply regarding keeping or closing the account. Please log in on chat so we can help.

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