Paying for a physical card, will future virtuals remain free?

I currently have a virtual card, I like that I can delete it and generate a new one at anytime for free. However, I also would like a physical card, If I pay for the physical card will I be able to keep generating new virtual cards free of charge (given that I delete the last one first).

Basically, after I’ve paid for and received my physical card will I be charged a second card fee if I delete my virtual and create a new one?

It is like this:

Fee for issuance:
1st card is free
2nd card costs always the spare card fee
(Virtual or physical does not matter)

Fee for shipping:
if applicable.

So as long as you have 1 active card, the 2 does cost the spare card fee.

So even if I paid for the physical card, after the deletion of my virtual it becomes my one and only and the next one will cost again. This is sad. I would prefer to keep the option of creating and deleting virtual cards one at a time than just have a single physical one.

I guess for now I’d have to use another card for physical purchases :frowning:

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If you are Premium you can add/delete all the virtual cards that you want :wink:

Almost :wink:

There is a monthly limit for cards, also for premium users. I don’t know the number, but there is one.