Paying Bitstamp from UK current account via Revolut

I’ve got myself confused… Can anyone help me avoid 50 EURO regular payment to Bitstamp by using my Revolut accounts…?

I want to pay Bitstamp with a Euro account using SEPA. I thought if I top-up up my GBP account on Revolut (for free) from my UK current account. Then, exchanged on Revolut to Euro account. Can I from there pay Bitstamp for the lesser price of a SEPA payment? Or is Revolut still not in Europe, so I’ll get charged as if it was an international payment anyway…?

Any ideas? Thanks

Hey Jamez

Revolut is in Europen and their partner bank is also in Europe. This means Revolut have full support for SEPA transfers.

To do a SEPA transfer you have to enable you personal EUR account. This is done from the account list

When this is done, just add Bitstamp as a beneficiary as normal and do a transfer :slight_smile:

If it is still not clear there are a lot of long post in the Community about BitStamp and Coinbase (the process is the same)

Thank you Henrik!

So, should I transfer UK current account to UK Revolut, then exchange in Revolut to my EURO account there?

It’s probably really obvious, but I’m new to it… so :slight_smile:

Hey Jamez

Yes. Top up your Revolut account in any currency. If you are from England then GBP will be the obvious choice. Then in Revolut you can exchange to EUR and then send EUR to BitStamp with a SEPA transfer.

Brilliant! thanks again!!