Paying an individual in U S A


My friend is sending me a small parcel - value $25 from America. Is there anyway I can reimburse them the post cost using my card.

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Do you mean do send money to an account in the US?

Yes I do, or possibly via PayPal

this service is not related to Paypal, nor you can easily send money to a paypal account.

you can however send money to a bank account

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Yes sure you can!

Go on the app and select ‘Bank’. Add your bank details, choose the amount & currency and then click the tick in the top right corner.

@anon33247966 - What type of bank transfer does Revolut use for paying USD to US bank accounts? Is it ACH (“Direct Deposit”) or Fedwire/CHIPS? If it’s the latter, then many US banks charge the recipient a $15 fee to receive a domestic transfer. Absurd, I know.

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We do SWIFT transfers @NFH

Do not use the “Bank” function, as this only allows to transfer money into an account in your own name.

To pay your friend, they can join Revolut and you then transfer to them as your contact. They can use the “Bank” function to transfer the money into their account.

Not the most direct way but only option via Revolut, afaik.

Ive used PayPal to pay people in US dollars quite a few times. Saves on PayPal exchange rate as well.

Just connect your card to PayPal as you would with any other credit card and select that card when you want to pay.

@a_g that’s not true. You can use Bank section for any account, this could be your personal account to a business or another person’s account.

That’s often going to incur a hefty fee, typically $15, for the recipient. Why don’t you use ACH Direct Deposit instead? You use FPS, not CHAPS, for GBP payments. Therefore why not similarly use ACH, not Fedwire/CHIPS, for USD payments?

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I want to send a 10,000 USD to a relative in the USA. What are my best options? They do not currently have the Revolut app but could download and use that if it’s the best option.