Paying abroad

I’m going to Russia this summer.
I have both pounds and euros in my wallet and I’m trying to understand how the conversion works.
If I pay something there, where will the amount be taken from? Will it be pounds first and the euros, or something like that? Or can I use only pounds for that?
Thanks for your help in advance.

If your base currency is GBP, the GBP wallet will be used as long as it has sufficient funds. More in this in the FAQs!

Thanks. And what if I run out of funds there? Will it automatically use the Euro wallet or do I have to manually convert some money from EUR to GBP?

I’ve found the FAQ, thanks.

It will always use a wallet with sufficient funds, starting with 1. local, 2. base and 3. all the other currencies one might have. No funds will be automatically converted between wallets. Conversion happens on the fly during payment. I suggest to check the FAQs, they contain plenty of useful tips of problems you might not be aware of, like dynamic currency conversion and son on :slight_smile: