Payement denied


Yesterday, I tried to pay with Revolut in a restaurant. Code was OK but paiement denied…
I was my first operation.

  • should I active the cardby getting loney from a bank machine ?
  • money appears on my account but was transfered only a few days ago. Is is the reason why ?
    Thahks for your help.


Was this using contactless?

Your first transaction with a :r: debit card should be via chip-and-pin. Afterwards, contactless should be functional.


Tanks for your answer.
I tried first contactless and then with pin. Nothing.
But this morning i was able To whitdraw from a banking machine.
I Will try again in a shop.


Same here. Although my card is being accepted most of the time, it wouldn’t work at Boots (Heathrow airport) and last night at Pizza Express in Holborn. I’ve tried contactless as well as pin without any success. Could this be an issue with certain card readers?


I created yesterday revolut account and virtual card and i passed ID verification. Today I topped-up my account and ordered physical card.I’ve tried today several time to do some on-line payment in russian rub ( with both card) but had messages in rus" mistake of banking operation’.
What can i do to proceed for payment?