Pay with Revolut card everywhere, but not quite.


So, i was having a short but informative conversation with a nice support guy called Roman.
I was asking for a list of supported banks, who accept payments on their pos devices with revolut card. He make it perfectly clear, that there is no such list. Either there is a mastercard logo on the pos device in the store u want to pay, either there is not. If there isnt, they cant guarantee the transaction will be made with Revolut Card. I think thats pretty important information which is nowhere to be found, or at least - i didnt found it ( excuse me if thats the case ).

So, if you want to avoid looking silly in a store trying to pay with your Revolut Card, like i did a several times - look for the mastercard logo in the pos device or any mark, that mastercard is accepted.


So your point is…only use your Revolut Mastercard in stores that accept Mastercard?


yes…exactly what im saying