Pay with French or English account?

I am going to London in a few weeks and would like to know how it works once I will pay with my Revolut card. Do I have any fees due to currency change between my account in euro and payment in sterling?

I also see that I can activate an English account. Is it free?
What is the advantage for Frenchman since I won’t have any salary in sterling?
For example I will have to pay a plane in sterling on internet. is it better to pay with English account or French account to have the lowest price?

Thanks for your support

Hey @Shaka3169 :slight_smile:

You should definitely check the help section on the website :wink:

You can activate the GBP account or not, it’s up to you and it’s fully free. Converting money, either to the GBP account or by paying, is free, with a small FX fee ONLY during the weekends as the markets are closed, up to the fair usage limits of your account :wink:

If you’re going to stay there for a long time, converting beforehand might be convenient for you to track your spending or to avoid the weekend surcharge or FX fluctuations :wink:

Remember to always choose to be billed in GBP while in the UK and to refuse any conversion if asked by the POS or ATM


I recommend this! I believe reading all informations available at the Help Center is the best way to understand the product, how it is different from traditional banks, what to avoid, to check out the limitations in certain scenarios and to know what to to if things go South – like if a card or phone is being lost or stolen.

Happy trip!

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@Shaka3169, the Revolut app (and any accounts displayed) follows the language in the settings of your phone. Therefore if your phone’s settings are set to English, then Revolut will appear in English.

@Shaka3169 You should carry a backup card, just in case the Revolut card or the account is “misbehaving”, so you’re not caught with your pants down. :wink:
I’m not saying this will happen, however my motto is “better safe than sorry”
Also, if possible, (assuming you have not already done that) you should do all the activation and verification stuff as long as you’re at home. Maybe you are required to provide documents you don’t have when travelling.