pay pal confirmation code

I have added my Revolut bank account to my PayPal account and according to the message I am getting from Pay Pal I should get a confirmation code to activate my Revolut bank account. How will I get this message? I haven’t received anything so far.

Hey @vivatmaria :slight_smile:

You should see this in your :r: statement within some days, I guess :wink:

It appears just after verification. In the transaction list you will see pending operation with this code.

Are you talking about adding the Revolut account or the Revolut card? Right now, I believe you can not add the account, because an account needs to support direct debit. Revolut accounts do not support direct debit yet. You can of course add the card.

I was addind a bank account. Haven’t got a card yet.

It will take some days before you receive 2 payments from PayPal with the codes.