Pay or send with QR

To have option to send money using QR . This might be great benefit for small businesses and advantage feature of your announced Revolut for Business.
In addition can become great new way of tipping waitress, donating street musician or sending money to everyone i don’t have in contacts and don’t need to have :slight_smile:


You mean a bit like Pingit? I think the QR basically encodes the banking details of the third party. I can pay my Barclaycard bill by scanning a QR barcode on the bill with the Pingit app for Windows Phone.

I registered only to share this request. It’s definitely a must have feature. Request payment by qr code. Simple and super fast. Unfortunately, 1 app out of 20 in europe understands the benefits, or how mobile payments should work :frowning:


Apple wallet would be the right place for it.
And linking in the other direction Using Apple wallet to show credit left and transfer money to revolution users?

Also to receive payments by providing a link from users that don’t have currently Revolut. Paypal had introduced this and also Monzo now has launched a link
Link can easily become a QR code and also a good way for people to be onboarded to Revolut.

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Yes. Barcode /QR scanner could be a great option for all of us. I second the idea.


Time of covid-19, this could be a game changer for tipping the delivery guy.


A very efficient, compatible and easy implementation would just be the IBAN info inside a QR code with prefixes like that:

name: John Doe Inc
Type: Business
Address: xxxx
IBAN: xxxx

So the Revolut app could scan it and any other bank or QR scan app. Easy for everyone.

My association could finally put this QR on its website. Revolut links with self-filling IBANs inside Revolut app would be nice too.