Pay more attention with desktop computer.

Revolut has long used the cell phone as its main platform, leaving aside the desktop computer.

I understand that many times it is practical, but in other occasions the computer becomes necessary. I don’t understand why Revolut has relegated this device to a second place, having to do almost all operations from the mobile.

The mobile device is practical, necessary and safe, but there are times when it is more practical to use the computer than the device (make transfers, read documents, consult statements…). I think Revolut should take up again the attention that these devices deserve.

I give an example (no doubt very different but for the case I think it applies). The whatsapp app ( as telegram… and others…) offer the possibility of replicating it on a desktop device, which often facilitates usability when you are at home.

Please, take this comment as a feedback.


Revolut actually limited the functionality after introducing web-login quite drastically over the years.

I can think of two possible reasons for this: convenience and security. My guess is they simply want to reduce complexity for support and development. Other limitations seem to be due to security concerns. I have no insight here, but maybe Revolut faced serious security problems on its web platform. The web-login was more or less “demoted” to “I’ve lost my phone” use cases.

They’re not categorically opposed to web interfaces. Business accounts and the trading platform are desktop first.

I generally agree with the potential of desktop interfaces being more productive in home environments.

(For Mac users, the iPad version works well on desktop computers and provides the same functionality and user experience. The tablet version is not 100% on par with the phone app, but it is close enough.)


@Frank I agree with you. Security reason, development and support, but I think it is necessary for users that mobile device could be a bit complicated, but desktop is more friendly than mobile device for certain tasks and I think Revolut should resume its development.
We don’t know exactly the reasons, but I think they should pay attention to the desktop devices, and if a user wants to perform actions or operations on his account he can do them from there. Look at how google or Facebook have created verification systems in which even if you want to use other devices, they force user verification by technologies such as authentication applications.

Maybe I’m wrong, and it would be interesting to have the participation of the users actively, but I think that the desktop device (Windows, MacOs, linux or any other that meets minimum security standards should have its interface to access Revolut through desktop pcs.

Revolut aspires to be an international reference bank, it should not be limited to mobile devices. Although there are operations that are essential and necessary for security, others should have a more open hand.


The interesting story here for me is how Revolut drastically reduced features of its web interface.

Revolut is known as a data driven company. It seems unlikely to me that they’ve made this decision without solid data on how users actually used the more feature rich web interface. I guess customer feedback was a driving force behind developing the web interface for trading, which offers more features than the app. And the business banking product was always a desktop first offering. Revolut introduced the business app after it started as a desktop only service.

There’s no doubt that security for web banking can be on par with mobile banking. But that also means it’s still tied to a phone. Authentication apps don’t help much here, they add complexity but aren’t in compliance with regulation for strong customer authentication so you would end up with a 3 factor authentication framework which seems to be a nightmare from a customer support perspective.

It’s for sure going to be interesting where Revolut will head with its web-banking services. The trading platform definitely was a surprise for me. I’d say Mac users are already covered with an app that runs natively on Apple silicon Macs.


Can’t remember the last time I accessed my bank via a website.


Age, vision, user friendly, disability. I understand that Revolut is growing at a dizzying pace and is looking to position itself as a global benchmark bank. Is Revolut looking to exclude these user profiles from its business model? I doubt it.

We all know other businesses that started out trying to centralize everything with the mobile device, and the passage of time has told them that the desktop, or laptop, cannot be left aside.


You raise valid points.

But I’d argue that accessibility is often better with apps. It’s easier to optimise an app for screen readers and voice input. A visually impaired person I have talked to almost exclusively uses an iPhone for banking because of its accessibility features. A more defined and contained environment is easier to manage. It’s also more secure with remote access scams in mind.

Please note that I am not arguing against a more comprehensive web banking option. I am just somewhat sceptical that it is that relevant for Revolut’s retail business. Except for transactions, all the other use cases you’ve mentioned are either already available (statements) or workarounds seem easy enough (documents can be shared from within the app and then read on any device).

A relevant potential user group that doesn’t want to store banking informations on a smartphone (around 30% in some European countries based on recent market research) won’t be convinced by a better web banking experience.

One of the best options to provide feedback to Revolut seems to be a thread like this and finding as many people as possible that vote for it.


Same here.

Also never needed a bank branch office for at least 10 years now.

You can install the Revolut app on a tablet PC for better reading, it’s the perfect intermediate step between smartphone and PC. Banking with desktop browsers is very risky, especially under Windows, so I can understand that Revolut doesn’t go this way.
I also don’t know why transfers should be easier on the PC than on a smartphone.
Account statements and other documents created in the app I save directly to my MEGA cloud which is synchronised with my laptop, so I could read and handle documents also there, if necessary.

Another suggestion, try screen-mirroring to a TV if available for you and with an external Bluetooth or USB keyboard it’s the same as banking on a PC.


I share your concerns about security using a PC (and Windoze in particular) but I think the issue is more about which web browser client you use and whether your access is behind a good quality VPN.
I mainly use a PC to access my French bank account (although I do also have access via a phone app).
The French Bank web access uses 2FA and the logging in process is not something I have encountered elsewhere where it prevents key-loggers from detecting what your keyboard inputs are and the screen sequence changes each login to frustrate any screen capture. Other banking products I have used in the past have not had such a feature.
I don’t personally use a VPN; my French internet provider makes it difficult to do so (although not totally impossible) but my confidence level is enhanced by using Linux with Firefox and the protections provided by 2FA at every level of interaction with the bank.
In short, it is essential to maintain your computer system to ensure that every available security update is installed and Linux appears better than most to do this as transparently as possible without interrupting your workflow and usability.


While I get the reason of cost for this, since Revolut since to target to be the main bank it needs a version that does more just lock card and see the balance account.

That’s the reason I went for Bunq and one of the reason I don’t use Revolut as main account. Since when my phone was stolen I was without money during 2 weeks because my money was in pocket and when I tried to ask revolut for help they restricted my account.

I get that web/desktop is nearly never used but when it does it’s in important moments.

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As @Boz commented, the no phone attention and a limited web access are mainly my reticence to take Revolut my first bank.