Pay in PLN in Poland

Yesterday, my new Revolut card came by mail and I am totally in love with this idea. Today I activate my card but I realized that I paid in GBP in the Polish store even though I had PLN as the currency on my Revolut app. What I did wrong and how I can pay in the currency of the country in which I am without unnecessary commissions. Thanks for help.

Sounds like a case of DCC. Make sure that the merchant always charges you in the local currency, avoid all offers an ATM or POS terminal might offer you.

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Okey. I get it. Next time, during the terminal payment, I will choose the option without currency conversion. I think that this will solve the DCC issue.

Exactly :wink:

Poland is known for being very persistent here. Watch out for this in restaurant and hotels, where a waiter might select the currency for you. Under credit card scheme rules, the merchant has to give you the option before authorizing a payment.