Pay by card or withdraw money from an ATM to pay less fees?


If I pay by card how would I know if they charge or not before the transaction is done? Most people don’t use their card to pay for something in West of Africa. In fact this morning I asked the question about the fees to a shop keeper and he said: I don’t know, you have to ask your bank


It’d be the merchant charging to use the card. AFAIK this is banned in the UK although I’m not sure this is because of EEA law. This probably isn’t the case in West Africa.

If the shopkeeper doesn’t know the charge, its likely they don’t charge to use it. As Revolut don’t charge either you should just get charged the exact amount!


Okay that’s when we pay with the card. But what about if I withdraw money from an ATM…? Here it says there no fee if the amount does NOT go over 200 GBP or EUR. So it’s about the same. There would be no fees. Or perhaps I missed something, did I?


Be aware, that withdrawing from an ATM could lead to extra fees from the ATM operator. In Thailand some ATM operators charge 220฿ for a withdrawal. So if you withdraw 5000฿ it will charge you 5220฿ from your card. That fees have nothing to do with Revolut. I do not know how much (or if) ATM operators in Africa charge fees.

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If there are any fees, I should have a warning from the ATM before getting the money, isn’t it??


Yes you should get a warning. At least I did all the time. :sweat_smile:


If the merchant charges to accept card payments, then they will add the charge to the transaction amount before you authorise it. If you are ever charged more than you authorised, then you should dispute the transaction with Revolut or any other card issuer you are using.

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I couldn’t sum it up better than this.

Tl;dr ATM withdrawals are free on Revolut’s end if it doesn’t add up to more than £200/200€/whatever your currency is. This threshold changes if you have Premium or Metal. ATM providers are allowed to charge for this and Revolut aren’t liable to reimburse any charges made by the ATM provider. If the ATM provider doesn’t make the charges clear to you, you’re entitled to make a charge back claim under Mastercard and Visa rules AFAIK, you can talk to Revolut about this.


So, finally I withdraw the equivalent of 198 EUR from an ATM and although there was no fees taken from the bank (I am 100% sure about that), Revolut has ripped me off by taking 0.99 EUR from the transaction.
Revolut bank is absolutely not reliable. We always have to check again and again our bank accounts.


How much did you get exactly? Did you get some money from any ATM at some time before?


I got money from an ATM 2 month ago.
See picture, everything is there.


What information comes up, when you click on “Why have I been charged for cash withdrawal?”?

It does seem strange. You should contact the support team from the app and ask them what happened. Would be awesome, if you would keep us informed. :thinking:

Also check your Profile in the app and click on Price plan. There you can see your ATM withdrawals. How high are the withdrawals there?

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I got this:

I had checked my price plan before and it was fine, because I had not withdraw any money since a long while, it was at zero.


That really is strange. Please contact the support through the Revolut App. I am sure they can help you.


Well, I am not really surprised. A few days ago Revolut ripped me off with Overseas Medical Insurance. Here if you are interested to have a look.

App support is awful. I am not going to waste several hours to write to them again about this new scam. I think I’ll just stop using Revolut, that’s it.

Thanks for your help.


I honestly think that just something went wrong and support would fix it.

Anytime. :smile:


since that was a direct conversion and the fee is about 0.5%
the only thing i can think of would be that you exchanged more than the monthly limit of free FX transactions.
If it was from the withdrawal it would have been 2% or about 4€ in fees.


hmm. Might be weekend surcharge?


No, that should not show up as separate fee.


Ad fees by ATM provider: I have seen some ATMs from Erste group to demand a fee. They are honest, i.e., they explicitly state the fee and allow you to reject the transaction. Namely, they were banks of Erste group in Czech Republic (Česká spořitelna) and Slovakia (Slovenská sporiteľňa). Other banks of the Erste group might do the same, but I haven’t tried them.

You can also hit a hidden fee through DCC, either through ATM withdrawal (Euronet in well known for that) or through card payments at merchant (Poland is well known for that). I have seen even about 10 % mark up. The solution should be simple: Whenever you are asked to decide between local currency or your currency (or GBP in case of revolut), use the local currency. This lets Revolut to convert the currency, which is usually much cheaper. Note that some dialogs are designed to look like you decline the tranasaction by declining the conversion (e.g. pay in GBP = press OK, pay in PLN = press cancel), don’t get confused.