Pay at unmanned gas stations (chip+pin terminal)


Hi there,
Please fix this issue. Unmanned stations are very common in Sweden nowdays and all the terminals are online. A German maestro card worked flawlessly.


This probably will only be “fixed” after Revolut becomes a bank and can issue non-prepaid cards.
So don’t hold your breath.

It doesn’t have to do with online or offline in this case, but with the Merchant Code for unmanned gas stations and the way those transactions there work. It cannot be supported by prepaid cards, at least not UK-issued ones like Revolut.
Milage may vary here with other issuers.


Why does the UK have different rules on this? I have a Portuguese visa prepaid I can use at unmanned petrol stations


Why should it not work? The terminal authorises 1500SEK and takes the amount needed to pay your gas. Works perfectly fine with other prepaid Mastercards and maestro.


I may have used the wrong wording in my post, I admit that it’s not that clear what I meant.
It’s a technical issue regarding the way the payments work and some payment providers just don’t like that with prepaid cards.

Here’s an example of a recent article covering the basics from the UK perspective which is relevant here, it’s a thing there with prepaid cards and basic account - you can use your favourite search engine to find out more of course :

It may or may not have to do with any regulations, if I’d know more that what I read, I’d be more clear.

(Again, sorry for any misunderstandings, my english is usually pretty good but it’s still not my native language, my wording is a little off sometimes,)


Pumps in Sweden and Germany have pre-authorisation for at least 10y now. Revolut has just useless complicated risk management. Why can’t they pass all online chip+PIN authorised transactions?