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Hi Team,

I am a pretty new Revolut user, I came across my first issue the other day… I can’t use my card for Pay at Pump for petrol.

On this occasion I was at Tesco (UK) where they pre-authorise £99 I believe before you fill your tank up, is this a known issue that is being resolved?

Thanks M

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Hey @mewens :slight_smile:

This is not being resolved. More info here:

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I’m not sure it directly relates to my problem. The card isn’t declined, it won’t allow the pre-authorisation… my standard bank card works fine.

The Pay at Pump system does have online connectivity so I can’t see why it couldn’t be made to work like standard bank cards…

Hey @mewens :slight_smile:

If you were paying directly at the pump… At least in my country, many stations will refuse any card not “known” to them: if you’re not using a major bank national card, you will have to pay inside.

Also, I don’t know whether :r: is restricting Pay at Pump payments. You could ask them through the in-app support chat :wink:

Thanks @Juliopp good call, :r: are your restricting Pay at Pump payments? (I don’t have a premium account hence the question here)

Hey @mewens :slight_smile:

In-app support is online right now, and you don’t need a premium account to reach them :wink:

I thought that was just a bot, certainly is for me?

Hey @mewens :slight_smile:

Just type live agent and you’ll be transferred to one :wink:

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Automated pumps only reserve 1£ ,even if you fill it 99£.
Rest amount will be deducted/reserved later.
Since it’s easy to make fraud like this,some prepaid cards won’t work.
Otherwise somebody with 5£ could fill the tank up to 5x99£
Hope helps.

No this is not How it works.
An amount of €125 or €150 is reserved and at the moment the car is filled up the correction is made.

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Thanks for all of your input. Either way, I can’t see why :r: wouldn’t be looking into ways to make their customers transaction experience faster and more convenient. In this example a :r: card can’t compete with a traditional bank card :cry: .

I did get a response from :r: Support @Marcin for those that are interested

Matthew, I think I have found a reason for you. Fuel stations typically work offline. Our system cannot accept offline transactions. hence the denial.

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Well not in UK :slight_smile:

Haha, well was it offline ?
Because for me that wasn’t the reason, as obviously the gas station was online. The Revolut app showed me the error message instantly as the transaction was declined : sorry, automated fuel dispensers are not supported.
Whaaat …??? The message isn’t even not yet supported. It just doesn’t allow me to buy petrol at a regular unmaned online gas station !!!

Supplicate post here : Buying petrol at an automated petrol station

Stated here that it isn’t supposed to work, for no reason though :

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Would be nice to understand the reason. Toll stations and fuel pump working would make revolut so much more useful for traveling…


Exactly. This is ridiculous. The card is used predominently for travel for many users. Paying for gas (where most stations are now automated or online) is part of that basic travel function. This needs to be fixed.


I’ve done some research on that and it appears there are two possible obstacles. First is an agreement Revolut has with its payment processor that could ban those specific types of transactions. Quite possible it’s the payment processor who insists on it. Fraud prevention rules as I’ve been told. The other problem is that all automated petrol station owners are allowed to set their own rules of card acceptance. Usually it looks like this: they will allow all major credit and charge cards but only whitelisted debit and prepaid cards (some will also allow any card through an e-wallet like masterpass). I’m yet to find out what is the exact reason for not allowing all debit cards. Maybe it has something to do with the network machine chooses to process the payment.
Anyway - Revolut itself is not in a position to fix that in every aspect as their cards aren’t recognised as credit.


I remember when I first used my metro bank card in a pay at pump that was way before they started doing the £99 pre authorisation, and it got declined even though I had money in my account with a £500 overdraft, when I contacted metrobank they said they disabled thier cards from use in pay at pumps because its easy for people to tamper with the machines and that’s something they will leave in place to protect thier customers

Hello! Welcome here. You’ve came across an old thread. :grinning: The merchant code for unmanned petrol stations is not blocked anymore by Revolut. You can find out more here: